Tuesday, July 22, 2008


We were thrilled to get to spend an evening with some of our law school friends who were vacationing in California. We miss them a ton!

On May 11th Kent and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary. I wanted to do something special for it, so we left Carter with my mom and stayed a couple of nights at a hotel in Hunington Beach. We did a lot of rollerblading down the boardwalk inspite of all the wierd looks (apparently rollerblading is soooo 1990's) and a lot of relaxing. We had so much fun doing what we wanted when we wanted. One night, after a day in the sun, we came back to our room and took a long evening nap. Then we walked around the hunington shops and peir and didn't eat dinner until 10 o'clock!

We had so much fun rollerblading at the beach, that we took Carter on a little rollerblading adventure when we got back. He loved going fast in his stroller, but he loved all his dad's "tricks" even more. I know, we are major dorks.

One Saturday in May we took a trip to the LA zoo. We thought Carter would be way into it because he loves animals, so we had to laugh when we were pointing out the giant elephant right in front of us and all he cared about was the red ball hanging next to the elephant.

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angie said...

I love the anniversary stuff! Congrats on 6 years. Isn't it funny how having kids changes your definition of "fun". Just having some freedom is the greatest thing ever! You guys look great on roller blades! :)