Sunday, July 27, 2008


Kurt- Congratulations on your Graduation I can't believe my youngest brother is starting college.

A week in Lake Powell! We had a wonderful time and the best part was that Kent got to come for most of the trip!

I was so glad my brothers finally stepped up to the plate and brought girls. For once the girls outnumbered the boys!

We visited Rainbow Bridge.

Carter and his cute cousin, "baby"

We got to spend some time at the beach with my good friend from college and her cute little girl Kennedy.


Paul said...
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Meikle Fam said...

Andrea- so glad to see another post! Your pictures are so great! I can't wait to see you in a few weeks!

Stephers said...

I love the new post! I was beginning to wonder about you guys! We missed you at the 24th BBQ @ Lainey and Roger's. We got to hear lots about what you have been up to and it sounds like you have had a busy summer. You're little Carter is just getting so big and is just darling. Hope to see you guys in the near future!

Mandy said...

you guys have had such a fun summer. You are so tan Andrea- I am so jealous!!!! Carter is getting so big. Was it hard leaving him for a couple of nights?
Well, tell Kent Hi and Happy Birthday for us.
We miss you guys.