Tuesday, July 29, 2008


We had so much fun spending time with the Lancasters over the 4th of July! We loved seeing Carter and Sam in action and we can't believe how grown up Abby, Gabe and Rachel are.

On July 17th we celebrated Kent's 29th Birthday!He didn't trust my gift buying abilities so he went out and bought his own birthday present, a Wii.

Two days later we celebrated Blake and Kristi's wedding. What an amazing day! We love Kristi and are so thrilled to have her in our family.


Candice said...

You guys have had a very full summer! We're so sad we missed the wedding. Everything looks beautiful and we're so happy for Blake.

Stephen & Effie said...

Wow you have been busy, I am glad it was mostly fun stuff. So how does it feel not to be the only married person in your family. His wife I think looks just like Lyndsey, but with blonde hair. I love Lake Powell we were there in May and the boys had a great time. It is so nice at the Lake just not to have a schedual or anywhere to be. You do not ever have to load the kids up. Tell Jessie hi, I would love to see some pics from her life if she has a blog or anything. Effie

Meikle Fam said...

what cute pictures! Happy Birthday kent! But will he never have time to play the wii? You do not look at all pregnant in those wedding pictures!

angie said...

yay! new stuff on your blog- and pictures of us -even better! We loved coming to see you guys in Cal.(thanks for not mentioning the unfortunate "pool incident":) Wow- what a beautiful girl your brother married!! You look beautiful in those pictures too! Kent is awesome at 29. We love you!