Monday, August 10, 2009

In the last 4 months (cont.). . .


In April, after 6 months of sending in resumes and doing interviews, Kent got a job! As you can imagine we were thrilled and soooo grateful, especially since it was with the firm he'd been most interested in and excited about. The firm is Call, Jensen and Ferrell and they are located at Fashion Island in Newport Beach. So far, Kent has loved it there. I would to if I had a view of the ocean from my office window!


On June 6th we officially moved into our own place- a cute little condo in Irvine, only 10 miles north of Kent's office. It has been so awesome to be so close to Kent. His commute is only 15 minutes-no freeways. We love being able to meet him for lunch or picking him up after work to go down to the beach- things we never imagined doing when he was working in LA.


We spent the last week in June on Lake Powell, eating, jet skiing, swimming, sleeping, eating, wakeboarding, playing games, watching movies, eating, sunbathing, boat cruising, hiking and eating. We always bring so many good treats we all feel fat and sick by the time we leave, but for us, it's part of the fun. Carter's favorite part of the trip were the jet ski rides. He was always begging someone to take him. The trip was over way too fast and it was hard to come back to reality.


Aidensmommy said...

Congrats on your own place. Isn't is so nice? I wish I lived close to the beach. Must be so fun. Well it is good to hear you are all doing well. The baby is so cute and looks so big already.

Erin Bradley said...

Andrea, so good to see what you guys have been up to. Your little one is so dang cute. I seriously love you guys and miss seeing you. Any visits to Utah soon???