Thursday, October 16, 2008

"Vroom Vrooms"and "Bas"

We had so much fun during our most recent trip to Utah. Our first stop was Elk Meadows, a beautiful ski resort just up the canyon from Beaver. We were hoping for a sunny weekend so that Kent could finally get some use out of his motorcycle, but to our shock and horror it was SNOWING when we woke up Saturday morning. Luckily we had done some riding on Friday. Carter had sooooo much fun riding the "vroom, vroom" with his "Bampa". He talked about it for days!
Once it started snowing we decided to head to Sandy. During the rest of the week Kent interviewed with some Salt Lake firms. While he was gone we took the boys on little outings. One outing that ended up being not so "little" was our visit to the Hogle Zoo. Carter and his cousin Tate had fun cruising around the zoo in a wagon and riding the Merry-Go-Round. Carter's favorite part however, was seeing the "Bas" (translation- Gorillas). He's been obsessed with gorillas ever since he saw Tarzan. He even does the Tarzan yell while beating on his chest- it's pretty cute. Before we left the zoo Nainey treated the boys to an animal mask of their choice. When she gave Carter the Tiger he immediately got into character, growling and clawing at poor Tate. He continued to terrorize and annoy Tate the whole way home from the zoo- NOT so cute. Nainey and Tate
Carter and Aunt Natalie

Looking at the Gorillas
Terrorizing Tate
The torturous ride home


Natalie said...

Tate really misses "Cauda"!! It was so fun hanging with you guys! Thanks for coming!

Stephers said...

Looks like you had fun while in town. The boys are so darling, it is fun to have them the same age!

angie said...

cute zoo pics-hope you guys are doing ok-I think about you a lot. can't wait to see you again soon

Troyandshawnel said...

Looks like you have been staying busy and having fun. I am excited for your new baby, boys are fun, crazy busy but fun.



Stephen and Effie said...

Good to see a new post....snow.....Dallen can't wait to go to Utah for Christmas and play in the snow. Kent is interviewing in Utah, are you moving?