Sunday, August 24, 2008

cousins, cousins, cats and cousins!

We had so much fun on our trip to Idaho and Utah. Carter was in heaven surrounded by so many kids! All of the cousins were great to play with him and entertain him. In Idaho he jumped his little heart out on the trampoline, chased 20 kitties (no exaggeration) around my uncles farm, rode the wiggle scooter for miles and visited Tautphaus Park Zoo. In Utah he dug for hidden "fossils" at the Dinosaur museum, rode four wheelers every chance he got, made friends with a singing elk named Buck who lives in Nainy and Grandpa Roge's basement, became Luke and Caleb's shadow and swam in the big pool.

Our Idaho cousins, Krystal and Kaitlyn

Sidney was so good to Carter. She showed him all around Tautphaus Park.

Those poor kittens were so traumatized by Carter. He would not leave them alone. In his efforts to "cuddle" with the kitties he would squeeze and choke them. I could see the fear on their little faces when he caught one.

Utah cousins Rachel and Caleb! Caleb gave me a huge break. He pushed Carter all around the dinosaur museum.

Carter, Caleb and Sam digging for dinosaurs.

I think Carter and cousin Tate had the most fun uncovering dinosaur bones.
Gabe and Caleb sat on the same dinosaur six years ago when they were just toddlers .

Tate and Carter riding around on Grandpa's 4-wheelers. Carter loved the "vroom, vrooms"

Swimming and making soup!


Stephers said...

Looks like you guys had a great time. Carter is getting so big, which means my guys are getting even bigger... YIKES! Glad you had fun, hope to see you guys during the holidays!

Meikle Fam said...

We had so much fun with you! The boys are still talking all about Carter and Buck. I am gald I get to see you next week!

Natalie said...

We still laugh about Carter saying "see ya" everytime he passed by on those 4-wheelers. Miss you guys.